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The Relevense™ effect

We all fight for the audiences' media attention. We talk about media objectives related to reach or brand awareness, engagement and conversion rates. But it's crowded out there. Really packed. That means the decrease of people's attention span has become a daily fact. And although it may not be as dramatic as Eminem puts it: "We get one chance, one opportunity in a life time...", we surely do have to be on point in the fierce competitive media environment.

So here it is: Relevense™, AI driven software for social media content communications. Staying ahead of the game as we simplify your media 'must' of being and staying relevant for your audiences with your content... All the time, again and again.

Our Arsenal

Relevense™ AI-driven media software basically works on a self learning personality and receptivity model. Two core principles drive these software models:

1. It is a fact that people will digest the message more rapidly if they are more receptive (open) to it.

2. It is also proven that similar personality and psychological profiles stimulate engagement rates (mirroring).

Combine that together and you get magic. We surely got that in check!

Receptivity Model

The Audience Receptivity Model: Publish in-sync with your audiences’ (psychological) dispositions and contextual settings to create desired content during the customer journey. Impactful via Direct Messages, CRM’s, Mail, Instagram Ad Campagnes, etc.

Soon available

AI Personality Traits

We indicate behaviours that matches personality traits and features. It’s constantly learning from new types of behaviours in line with personality types. That gives our behavioural personality segmentation such an accuracy, it can actually be personal.

Soon available

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Additional functionalities
that matter

These Relevense™ AI-driven media software models support a legion of functionalities. We have  just recently finished the beta version v03. It's the inspiration, creation and publishing part of the Recommender System. You can try it out now! It's free!

Key in all development  is: we like our software and (future) add-ons to be truly valuable, easy applicable, friendly usable and as much as possible self-explanatory.

The  amount of valuable functionalities within Relevense™ shall increase over time. Preferably, we'd like to do get to any relevant improvements together with you. We like to listen to you as our user for all betterments and future evolvements, so that all our efforts make sense to you.

Content Curation

The Content Curation Toolkit makes it easy for content specialists, companies and marketing teams to get inspired, create and publish brand-oriented content in one place.

Content Predictability

This add-on helps you to get the optimum result by predicting emotions, personality traits and likes of content. Predicting IPM and comments will occur in the near future.

Content Optimization

This add-on gives you guiding on how to improve your content for optimum engagement on your account. Think of the ideal amount of hashtags and the optimum caption length.

Soon available

Ambassador Connect™

An integrated social media matching system aimed at the social media channels from your brand ambassadors. With this add-on you can easily increase your relevant reach! 

Later available

Data Axis™

Embrace insights and data from thousands of accounts and other data points that show the remarkable and the unexpected. With Data Axis you can unlock the huge potential of data.

Later available

Gain a deep understanding of the audience's personality and behavioural receptivity in real time.

Gain a deep understanding of the audience's personality and behavioural receptivity in real time.

Our ethical principles

AI, deep learning, data-driven, machine learning, data gathering and information storage. No worries, we have it all under control like meditation.

"Yes we take good care of all the data and no we are not snatching your jobs".  Indeed, our models become smarter everyday, but that is a good thing, right? How is that? Our software has a single clear goal: helping analytical, creative teams and their individuals become a better version of themselves on the job.